Seine et Marne. Against the gloomy environment, this restaurant replaces its customers with stuffed animals

Unable to accommodate any more customers, the managers of the restaurant Caméléon, in Héricy, found the parade to fill the lack: soft toys were installed at the tables.

With the prolonged closure of restaurants, at least until January 20, 2021, the time has come for gloom, even concern in the restaurant sector.But faced with the difficulties caused by the health crisis, Emilie Lefevre and Jonathan Anton, restaurant owners in Seine-et-Marne have decided to keep smiling ...

An initiative launched by clients

Since the beginning of November, they have installed soft toys at the tables of the Caméléon, their restaurant located in Héricy.An initiative originally proposed by customers of their establishment."Since the start of confinement, we have been offering take away, but it's true that it's sad to see the restaurant empty, ”says Emilie Lefevre.

At the beginning of November, customers of the Caméléon evoke this initiative proposed in other restaurants of the Hexagon with the managers.The success is almost immediate."We have already received about thirty soft toys, she smiles.It is an original bring life to the restaurant and when you see the children's smile at the window, it works! "


Since the introduction of the stuffed animals, the initiative has grown thanks to word of mouth.Since the fluff continues to flow."It's a very hard time for all restaurateurs, so it's also a snub against the ambient gloom, ”insists the one who has run the restaurant with her husband for 7 years.

Posted Date: 2020-11-30

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